What to Expect During Your Home Inspection:

Patriot Home Inspections LLC is here for you – we’re your eyes and ears when you’re buying a home.  We review your prospective home in detail, identifying potential issues and repairs needed on the home.  We love it when clients attend home inspections!  We’ll explain the items we find on-site, including what it would take (time, cost, etc) to make the repairs.  Our thorough findings will be compiled into a detailed, easy-to-read report, complete with photos, videos, and resources.

What do you review during a home inspection?

We inspect a home in detail, including interior, exterior, crawl space, attic, and more.  Read the items below for some items we are checking for during your home inspection.

We’ll review your home to determine the condition of exterior siding and paint, and check for property functioning light fixtures and outlets.  We’ll also be looking for the correct clearance between ground and siding material.

Structural issues could lead to costly repairs and safety hazards.  We’ll check the visible foundation and look for evidence of a sagging structure or signs of efflorescence.  Some other structural items we check include walls, ceilings, stairs, floors and floor framing.

When inspecting your home, we’ll review the condition of the roof, which includes the condition of the shingles, any repairs/patches to flat roofs, chimney damage, clear vents, and properly functioning gutters.  We check to make sure your skylights and the flashing around them are functioning correctly.  All of the boots for the vent stacks will be checked for proper installation and make sure the seal is not failing.

Your home inspector will check for proper ventilation, adequate insulation, and any sign of water damage or water leaks.  We make sure that none of the interior fans are venting into the attic.

Identifying safety hazards in a prospective home are extremely important. We’ll check for sufficient smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (and test them), handrail and guardrail hazards, peeling paint, and more.

We’ll check the foundation, basement walls, and basement floors.  We’ll check both basements and crawl spaces for signs of water intrusion or damage.

We’ll check for proper site drainage, condition of driveways, sidewalks, and fencing.  We’ll also check for signs of septic tank leakage when a septic system is present.

During your home inspection, we’ll check your interior plumbing.  This includes hot water temperature (hot water heater), functioning toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks.  We’ll also check for damaged or leaky pipes.

We’ll check the circuit breakers, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.  We’ll also inspect visible wiring to confirm it is up to code and in good condition.

We will test all appliances that are included in the sale to confirm they are in proper, working condition. This typically includes the range, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave.

We will inspect the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room for the presence of a ventilation system and confirm they are functional.

We’ll turn on the furnace and air conditioning units (temperature permitting) to confirm they are properly functioning.  Chimneys, fireplaces, and dampers are inspected.